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Bat Recorder APK Downloads

Bat Recorder is no longer available for purchase in the Google Play Store. Instead, the most current version can be downloaded from the VERSION HISTORY section below and is free to try. The Universal version will work with a variety of USB ultrasonic microphones, but the ability to permanently save recordings to files is disabled. Saving of recordings can be enabled on a per device basis by requesting a license through the app (To do so, click on the record button from within the app). Please verify that the Bat Recorder app works with your Android device and microphone before requesting a license. 


Note that Bat Recorder will only play real time play back (e.g. heterodyne signal) through headphones in order to avoid interfering with recording. In some newer models of Android devices, there is no headphone jack - instead, the USB C port is used for both audio input and output. Therefore, in these models, you will need to use bluetooth headphones to hear audio feedback.


I am going to try an experiment - instead of requiring a payment for a license, I am instead simply going to ask for a donation via WisePaypal or Venmo to help offset my development costs. A donation of 5 USD or 5 EURO is suggested, but whatever you can afford (and think the app is worth) would be appreciated.




In collaboration with Pettersson Elektronik AB, a fully enabled, free version of BatRecorder - including the ability to save recordings to files - can be downloaded from the VERSION HISTORY section below.  Note that this version works exclusively with Pettersson USB ultrasonic microphones (models M500-384, u256 and u384 - but currently not the M500).




  • Because of security restrictions imposed by the Android OS, files are not allowed to be saved outside of the BatRecorder 'sandbox' directory on the device. Unfortunately, these files will be automatically deleted if and when the app is uninstalled. Please be sure to explicitly backup any files before uninstalling or upgrading the app.




  • 2.0B13 (1 Jun 2024): Fixes a crash when attempting to playback a recording in portrait orientation. This verson should also work with the AudioMoth USB microphone. Make sure to flash the latest firmware and set the switch to CUSTOM when using with Bat Recorder [ Universal ] [ Pettersson ]

  • 2.0B12 (29 May 2024): Fixes a display issue with the frequency axis after an orientation change.  [ Universal ] [ Pettersson ]

  • 2.0B11 (23 May 2024): Fixes the Android OS 14 issue as well as the zooming bug.  [ Universal ] [ Pettersson ]

  • 2.0B1 (20 May 2024): Support for portrait orientation.  [ Universal ] [ Pettersson ]

  • 2.0B09 (15 May 2024): Updated the text in the license request dialog to remove the purchase verbage as I move to a donation payment model. This change is not relevant to the Pettersson version.  [ Universal ]

  • 2.0B08 (14 May 2024): Fixed a bug where the app complained insuffcient permissions had been granted. Also, reduced the number of permissions needed to run.  [ Universal ]  [ Pettersson ]

  • 2.0B07 (14 May 2024): Support for Android version 14.  [ Universal ]  [ Pettersson ]

  • 2.0B06 (9 May 2024): Fix for notification permission requirement. Support for Android versions 8 through 12.  [ Universal ]  [ Pettersson ]

  • Archived (7 Jun 2020): Earlier version of Bat Recorder [ Universal ].